Stevie J Has No Chill: He’s Forcing Joseline To Reveal Every Guy She’s Ever Smashed In Their Child Custody Battle


Now Stevie J is asking for a quite a resume of past associations and experiences. It’s like being interviewed… and the job is “good-enough-mother!” According to The Jasmine Brand, legal documents list the items Stevie J wants to know before making any custody agreements. When you look over the list, we want to know, do you think this is taking it a little too far?


Stevie J wants to document on paper whether Joseline has ever used any alcohol and drugs to include cocaine or methamphetamine and marijuana – oh, and, the date of the most recent use of any drugs. Guess that sounds normal enough for a parental assessment… but there’s more…


He also wants to know if Joseline has ever checked into rehab for addiction… Do you think this is hypocritical? Considering Stevie J was in rehab for cocaine use recently… as in Last Year!