Successful Black Founder Of Golden Krust Jamaican Beef Patty Found Dead – Police Say Suicide Friends Suspect Murder!


Hawthorne had been shot twice and was found on the floor of his Bronx, NY factory. That sounds like murder, right? According to the Jamaica Gleaner, murder is not the suspected cause of death.


According to the local paper, the suspicion is Hawthorne shot himself… twice. Does that sound at all plausible to you? If it doesn’t, there are people close to Hawthorne who would absolutely agree with you. Click on through to hear what everyone is saying…

Caribbean National Weekly

According to MTO, one close acquaintance of Hawthorne’s said, “He was a successful businessman, it makes no sense. How can the police say suicide so quickly? Did they do any investigation?” Are you wondering the same thing?

Caribbean National Weekly

His restaurant, Golden Krust, was the first Caribbean-owned business to be granted a franchise license in the United States. Are you familiar with his products at all? There’s a good chance you’ve seen his convenience food line…