Tattoo “Addict” Inks His Entire Body Solid Black – But His Eyeballs And Mouth Are Terrifying! (Pics)

IG: eliinkpiercer

Tattoos and piercing are more commonplace now than they ever have been in mainstream western society. Everyone from prisoners to daycare workers can be seen sporting a small permanent image of some kind these days.

That said, some people take personal style and appearance way more seriously than others. As tattoos have become more acceptable, the bar is set higher and higher for how much body mod one needs to be surprising. 

Well, Eli Ink has proven is dedication to body mod in a most extreme way. The 27 year old Brit has gone past some still pretty strikingly huge piercings and tattoos to redefine what it means to be committed to tattooing, 

Eli already has his ears gauged as large as they can possible go. While stretched earlobes are fairly common now, especially if you live out west, the stretched labret, nostrils and bottom lip are definitely not widely seen.