There’s An Instagram Model That Looks Like Beyonce’s Twin – Seriously She Looks Exactly Like Her!

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There’s an Instagram model that bears a striking resemblance to the Real President of the United States Beyonce Giselle Knowles and the internet is freaking out about it. Especially since this 20-something Beyonce look-a-like shows a bit more skin than we’re used to seeing from Queen Bey.

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Her name is Britney Williams and she’s got the Beyonce look down; the long, honey blonde hair, the somehow looking absolutely stunning without a lick of makeup on, the great sense of style. She actually looks like a combination of Beyonce and sister Solange; she looks like a third Knowles sister.

That’s pretty high praise in itself, wouldn’t you say? Because to be quite honest, no one is ever going to rival Bey in the realm of beauty and perfection.

Beyonce’s got it all; the sweetness, the generosity of heart, the beautiful spirit, that bodyoddyoddy, the dance moves, the voice, the talent. All wrapped up in a Golden Goddess package. Want to know more about Bey’s alleged dopplganger? Click NEXT.