There’s A New $200 Relationship Class That Claims It Can Teach A Black Woman How To Get Any White Man She Chooses (Were Not Kidding Either!)

BeyondBlackWhite / Christly Karazin

Forget the red pill or the blue pill! It seems that the pill to take is the Pink pill now!

Christly Karazin, a self-proclaimed interracial dating expert,  is offering the pink bill to all black women. For only $200 course, yes, $200 dollars Chriselyn claims she teaches all black women to let the black community go so that they attract men of all races through regained feminine prowess.

In Christelyn’s own words the course offers “Everything your mother didn’t have time to tell you because she was too busy struggling. Everything your community wishes you would never find out.”

“Everything women of other races know but delight in the security that YOU don’t. Everything you should have been told but higher classes of people were too polite to tell you.”