Tiger Woods Is Wasted In This Video Taken Immediately After His DUI Arrest — Is He Addicted To Prescription Meds?


Tiger woods was arrested and charged with a DUI early Monday morning after driving erratically and being found passed out behind the wheel of his car. Police suspected he was under the influence of alcohol, but Woods insisted he had a bad reaction to mixing pain medications.


Regardless of the cause, he was still driving under the influence of something. In a video taken at the jail, you can see an officer attempting to give the golf legend a breathalyzer test. Woods is so wasted, he can’t even get the hang of it.

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The arresting officer has to keep telling Tiger Woods “don’t suck it, blow out!” He does manage to get her to laugh, later, when she asks him to describe his hair color. “Mostly brown and fading and … brown,” Woods slurs.

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Tiger Woods ended up blowing a .00, supporting his claim that he wasn’t drunk, but the list of prescription drugs he claimed to be on (some of which were misspelled on the paperwork), is pretty extensive. “Soloxex,” “torix,” “viox” and Vicodin,” Tiger wrote.


No one quite knows what substance the first one was supposed to be suggesting, but Torux is a pain medication used to reduce swelling and it has been banned in the US. In fact, the other drug authorities could identitfy Vioxx is very dangerous and has been banned for 13 years.