Tinashe Blames Beyonce And Rihanna’s Success, And Her Mixed Race, For Her Career Stalling — The Internet’s Not Having It

EW / E! Online

Pop star Tinashe has found herself in a bit of trouble after some comments she made in an interview with The Guardian. Tinashe, a pop and R&B artist who has cultivated a nice little fan-base, blamed colorism for her lack of recent success in the music industry.


Normally, that claim would be totally founded in reality- as colorism is a real problem- just not typically for light-skinned mixed women. Colorism, historically means the prejudice against darker skinned people, which comes from the institution of white supremacy.

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Black people with darker skin are more likely to be seen as threatening by law enforcement, are less likely to be hired, and are told-at every turn- that they aren’t beautiful. Tinashe’s misunderstanding of this term and it’s cultural significance has served to completely undermine her otherwise eloquent feminism.


Tinashe talks about producing her own music in the way the Prince used to. She likes to do it herself. She spent time teaching herself how to work ProTools, and recording mix-tapes, which is how she made her name.