Tristan Thompson’s Dad Blasts His “Deadbeat” Son For Ignoring His Ex And 1st Child For His New Kardashian Baby

Jordan seems like one classy lady! It seems she is living up to her own words,”Be a Girl with a Mind, A Woman with Attitude & A Lady with Class.” She has her own individual style and seeming, fierce independence. Maybe she was a bit much for Tristan to handle?

We can imagine it’s a messy ordeal of having children by different women. At least Jordan and Tristan broke up before Khloe was in the picture or else that would have been more complicated.

It seems Trevor’s dad is the one who can’t handle the break up more than Jordan and Tristan themselves. He can’t seem to let go of the idea of the two being a couple.

Tea tender revealed some off-handed comments from Trevor concerning his son earlier this week, “Tristan acts like he does not have a father…what goes around comes right back around…watch and see. he’s a want to be a man…LOL”