Troll Posted Pics From Cardi B’s ‘Stripper Past’ And She Clapped Back Like A Boss! (Then Vs Now)


Cardi B is really burning up the charts. “Bodak Yellow” continues to be at the top of the charts.


Whether you first got to know her on Love and Hip Hop: New York or through “Bodak Yellow,” the rap anthem of the summer of 2017, you cannot escape Cardi B.


But not everyone is a fan. Some people are trying to drag her. This seems to be par for the course with successful women. Why can’t some people just let successful women be? What is it about some people that just have to tear down any successful women who dares to challenge men and not play by the patriarchy’s rules?


We saw it last year when Donald Trump and his supporters kept coming at Hillary Rodham Clinton, assailing her character. And even though she won the popular vote, the orange creamsicle POTUS continues to occasionally drag her. The misogyny in our culture runs deep. Click next to read more.