Troll Posted Pics From Cardi B’s ‘Stripper Past’ And She Clapped Back Like A Boss! (Then Vs Now)

In Touch Weekly

Even pop stars are subjected to character assassination and cannot escape misogyny, no matter how talented they are. That is the case with Cardi B and some people who just cannot stop accusing her of having had a certain lifestyle before she got famous.


Maybe it is jealousy? Maybe it is misogyny? Whatever it is, it is disgusting and we deserve better.

The Boombox

Despite Cardi B’s success, people continue to call her a former sex worker. She has been open about being a stripper. What is the big deal? That is legal and that would not even be a job if men did not go to those clubs, so do not even start with us about how sexist the whole thing is.


Cardi B has been open about her past, but that is exactly it — the past. But Cardi B’s haters are trying to slow her career’s momentum and stop her from getting a big ego.