Tyrese Meltdown Goes Over The Top — They Saying He Just Threatened The Rock’s Daughters! (Hear It For Yourself What Do Y’all Think?)

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Something is going on with Tyrese. The 38-year-old singer, rapper, actor, and author seems to be going through a hard time. Not to belittle his struggles, but Tyrese, in 2017, if you are not having a hard time, you must be living in a better alternate timeline.


The performer, whose full name is Tyrese Darnell Gibson, has been in the spotlight for years. The former fashion model started as a singer. In 1994, the then 15-year-old was featured singing in a Coca-Cola commercial, singing the brand’s phrase “Always Coca-Cola.”


That exposure led to bigger things, including a record deal. In 1998, Tyrese released his self-titled album, Tyrese.

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This fame also led to modeling gigs for a number of brands, including Guess and Tommy Hilfiger. If y’all are too young to remember, or have blocked out the ’90s, Tommy Hilfiger was MASSIVE in the ’90s. Click next to read more about Tyrese’s career.