Tyrese Is Online Saying That His New Marriage Is In Crisis And He’s Begging Mark Zuckerberg’s Wife For Help!

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It DOES seem that Tyrese is getting in the habit of talking to people about his problems online… because even after the big trouble with seeing his daughter, now there may or may not be a new issue. What do you believe?


Charges for child abuse against Tyrese were dropped and he might have the mistaken impression it’s thanks to all the crying online to everyone on the planet. Well, then again, maybe there’s method in all that madness…


When a child cries enough, a tired parent might see no harm after a while to give the child what he wants in order to keep the peace. That doesn’t work though… for children of all ages. Click on through to see if you think Tyrese has lost touch with reality.


Tyrese has been vocal about at least three big topics within the grander crisis of potentially losing his daughter. Those three big issues were with the ex-wife bleeding him dry (call for the rich for help), his disdain for The Rock and his choices affecting his paycheck, and the steadfast love and support of his current wife.