Unbeweaveable? Female NYPD Sergeant Claims She Failed Her Random Drug Test Because Of Her Weave


So, random drug tests are pretty standard, so, if you’re devoted to that line of service, you already know which things to avoid. You’ve probably heard of some ways you can fail a drug test even if you are clean as whistle.

Daily Mail

For example, you don’t want to indulge in any baked good with poppy seeds, apparently. Some cold medicines are suspected of rendering false fail results as well.


You know to skip the hemp seeds on your oatmeal, too. Some painkillers can also get you into trouble like ibuprofen. But, have you ever heard of a weave causing a false fail for a drug test? Click Next to hear about one hard-working person’s experience…

Daily News

Sgt. Tracy Gittens was really on the track to success in her career in law enforcement. Until she failed a random drug test, she worked as┬ápersonal security detail for First Lady Chirlane McCray who is the wife of New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio.