Usain Bolt’s GF Is Drop Dead Gorgeous — She Looked Like A Victoria’s Secret Model As She Got Ready For a Recent Carnival In Jamaica (Photos)

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It’s good to be Usain Bolt. Not only is he currently the fastest man on earth, but he’s dating Kasi Bennett — a woman with one of the hottest bodies on Instagram.

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Bennett, who has been dating Bolt for 5 years, was seen in a skimpy white and metallic swimsuit with white wings strapped on. The looker could have passed for a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

President And First Lady 🙌🏾

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Most men would be screaming from the mountaintops about dating a woman like Bennet, but Bolt’s been quiet about her, telling reporter Ian Boyne in January 2016 that while he’s been dating the “uptown Jamaican girl” for for a long time, he keeps the relationship quiet.