Usher Gets Hit With Three More Lawsuits Over STD Claims — This Time, It’s Two Women And A MAN.


R&B singer Usher just cannot catch a break these days when it comes to allegations regarding his sexual behavior and health—and by “these days,” we mean “for the past five or so years.” Usher, whose full name is Usher Raymond IV, keeps getting caught up in health-related legal drama, and the accusations are getting more frequent lately. In the past month alone, we have told you about Usher’s ongoing herpes scandal. The 38-year-old sex symbol seems to be embroiled in yet another legal matter.


It appears that even more individuals might be “Caught Up” in Usher’s herpes scandal than we previously knew. This drama has spanned several years, beginning in 2012 with allegations that Usher knowingly spread herpes simplex virus 2, also known as genital herpes, to sexual partners uninformed of his health status.


Usher’s public persona has always been that of a sweet, hardworking man who has a way with the ladies. It is so shocking to hear about all of these accusations against the Grammy Award-winning singer that allege he knowingly and willingly risked other individuals’ health by not disclosing his STD status to his sexual partners. Click next to read more about Usher’s ongoing (alleged!) infection impropriety.