Usher Showed No Signs Of Divorce Before He Announced His Separation (And He Already Has A New GF From Love And Hip-Hop)

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Usher and Grace had been keeping a pretty low profile since last December after he was hit with several herpes-related lawsuits. Still, they were seen together a lot around the Los Angeles area where they own a Sunset Boulevard-adjacent mansion behind the Sunset Marquis.

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TMZ’s sources went on to say Usher and Grace had been on the regular at area restaurants and stayed at the same house together. They showed no signs a split was on its way. The same source says they were even in planning a vacation abroad.

Then Tuesday happened. That’s when the joint statement was made regarding their legal separation. “After much thought and consideration we have mutually decided to separate as a couple,” the statement said. But here’s where Usher gets shady…