Is Venus Williams Engaged? She’s Was Photo’d With A Mysterious, Huge Diamond Ring On That Finger, With A White Young Guy

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Venus was seen recently with some bling of a ring which has us guessing if the tennis star is engaged? She was seen with her 25 year old boyfriend-perhaps fiancé?- at an Australian airport trying to hide the ring but to no avail!

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Paparazzi caught a glimpse of the sparkle and leaves us all giddy with the notion that Venus might have said yes to her boy Nicholas Hammond. The two have been going steady for about 6 months now.

Nicholas Hammond who is an affluent financier might have just had enough swag in the heart department to capture Venus’ fancy. Venus was trying to shield the camera lens from spotting the sparkly bauble with a straw hat, but it wasn’t good enough. It makes it all the more suspicious when you try to hide it, Venus! Perhaps she hadn’t told the family yet??

Even though there is a 12 year age difference between the two they seem like a match made in heaven. Venus has been all smiles around the wealthy millionaire! But who says a girl can’t buy her own bling nowadays??