Is The Wedding Off? Cardi B Is Now Thinking About Kicking Fiancee Offset To The Curb For Cheating On Her (What Would Y’all Have Done?)

Viacom / Instagram

It’s like we’re all waiting for Cardi B to just go ahead and call it quits. After two separate instances of sex tapes leaking, a girl needs to know when to call it quits with her cheating man!


We totally get it though. After all, Cardi B is only human and when you care for someone it’s hard to make the difficult decision to walk away. Add on top of it, extravagant investments of Rolls Royce Wraiths as birthday gifts and we can see why there would be a pause!


Think about it for a moment. If you had a whirlwind success happen in your life in one year, wouldn’t you need a minute? Cardi B has dominated three-quarters of the Billboards Top 10 charts in this past year along with having Offset propose in front of a stadium full of fans. The couple truly looked like the next new glam couple.


They looked great together and Cardi B wasn’t afraid to flaunt that bling! Although we do admit Offset looked a bit spacey in most photos. Take Exhibit A above as an example!