The Weeknd Is Now Revenge Dating Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriend! (Who Looks Better Selena Or Justin’s Ex?)

Triller Than Most

We get pretty nostalgic, sometimes, for relationships that worked in ways the most recent one did not. Either way, BOTH did not work, but, it’s easy to forget when the big, bad feelings of a breakup are louder than your common sense.

Us Weekly

Gomez was seen more than once spending time with her ex, Justin Bieber… which is pretty comical, really, when you think about it. Especially in light of the way Bieber promotes his spirituality, you gotta wonder… Click on through to learn more about The Weeknd’s reaction to “The End…”

TIME Magazine

Did Bieber’s looser morals back in the day screw things up for these two itty-bitty lovebirds? Or, were they just not compatible and the changes they’ve experienced during the past year has clouded their memories?


Not that Gomez doesn’t seem like she could play the part of the sweet, doting, good girl partner for the new, improved Bieber, but, could they’re re-connection be a disaster in the making? Well, what about The Weeknd – who’s at his side these days?