We’ve Got The first Exclusive Photos Of Beyonce And Jay’s Twins – The Girl Looks Like Like Hova And The Boy Looks Like Bey!

Daily Mail

Beyoncé has had quite a year. She gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir earlier this year. Now she and Jay Z are the proud parents of three kids–two daughters and one son.


It has to be tough to chase around three little kids. We wonder if that is how Queen Bey is keeping in shape these days. Those little feet travel fast, and you have to be faster to keep up with them!


Beyoncé and Jay Z are having a great year, in addition to the new addition to their family. Jay Z has a new album out, and it is doing well. Click next to read more about the Carter family.

Hollywood Life

Beyoncé is having a big year, too. She has been cast as Nala in the live action version of The Lion King.