White Guy Who Used AR-15 To Slaughter 4 Minorities At Waffle House Gets Bond Granted (Would This Have Happened If He Was Black?)

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Travis Reinking, the white man who walked into an Antioch, Tennessee Waffle House naked with a jacket and an automatic weapon on Sunday killing four young people (all minorities) and injuring 17 others has been granted a $2 Million bond.

How in the hell is that possible? Let’s consider Meek Mill — he finally got bailed out of prison after over six months of fighting for a fair trial. Then we have Reinking who we are now learning has some past run-ins with the law gets his bond granted the following day?

He was taken alive yesterday, which was astounding in itself that police weren’t threatened by the armed mass killer.  Travis Reinking, 29, has been charged with four counts of criminal homicide and his bond was set at $2 million according to ABC News.