White IG Model Goes Viral After Blasting Black Men Sliding Into Her DMs: ‘I’m Not The Right Caucasian For You’


IG “model” Tiffany Jolene had a lot to say recently to black men – not all black men, but, a certain type of black man who, apparently, keeps showing up in her social media. Who is she to tell black men about themselves?


After all, for the most part, she looks the part of a super cute white girl who likes SnapChat filters and slightly revealing clothes. Do you look at her and make assumptions about her submissiveness or personal character?


When you pick up your phone, how quickly are you sizing up the personalities you see? There is a PERSON on the other end of what you say and do and you don’t know anything about him or her – only the image projected online. Click Next to see how Jolene blasted the men who must be harassing her online.


Jolene appears to have some very close black friends. When you see her still available photos online, a lot of her pals are black women.