Willow Smith Just Turned 17 And The Glow-Up Is Real — Will & Jada’s Awkward Daughter Now Looks Like A Supermodel (Pics)

The Grio

Willow Smith is no awkward duckling around the ocean! Willow was recently spotted catching some waves with her brother and rumored beau Tyler Cole in Hawaii.


Will and Jada’s daughter has been through the awkward teenage phase just like anyone of us. Raise a hand if you had headgear or retainers? Then don’t be so quick to judge Willow, okay?

Rap Up

The “Whip My Hair” artist has been touted as not taking rap seriously but hey, let’s give it to her! She is only 17 for pete’s sake!


Willow has grown up in the spotlight. During the formative years we can imagine it would be pretty hard to stay focused on what and who you are with camera lenses on you every day.