Woman Claims BF “Abused” Her By Explaining To Her That She Smelled Down There! Is This Really Abuse?

Pinterest / Dr. Jen Gunter

Ladies, what would you do if your man (or woman, we are not going to be heteronormative over here) said that your lady garden is not smelling so flowery? Would you immediately dump your partner?


Or would you feel really embarrassed, immediately go to the doctor, and see if your partner was correct–or just being a jerk? Reproductive health is important, and you should take care of yourself and your bits.


Imagine this happening to someone who is literally trained to inspect and diagnose vaginas. And imagine what your reaction would be as a women’s health specialist if someone who is not qualified to diagnose you piped up with an opinion. Click next to read more.


Would you call this sort of comment abuse? Or would you just write it off that you are dating a jerk who needs to shut up and not give unsolicited feedback?