Woman Interrupts Church Service To Accuse Her Pastor Of Sleeping With Her Daughter! (The Pastor’s Wife Was There, Too)

Word Fellowship Church / YouTube

If you are a churchgoer, you likely chose your place of worship in part because you appreciated what the pastor had to say about faith. You found a space where you felt comfortable with a congregation you found friendly enough and a trustworthy guide to lead services.

The Anglican Mom

The abuse of that faith is painful and not uncommon. In the case of Pastor Billy Walker of the Word Fellowship Church in Prentiss, Mississippi, there is a possibility he has been carrying one with a double… maybe triple life.

Religion News Service

If you found out your pastor had been unfaithful to his wife, would you want to switch churches or have the pastor fired? Pastor Billy Walker was in the middle of Sunday service when a woman in the congregation stood up and began yelling at the man.

Daily Mail

One member of the church awkwardly turned on her phone and started recording. While everyone knows even pastors are humans and imperfect, do you think some “sins” are bigger than others? Click on through to learn about what happened.