Woman Sues After She Won $43 Million, But Was Told It Was A “Slot Machine Malfunction” — She Was Given $2.25 And A Steak Instead

Daily Mail

A woman took a chance and decided to go out and play at the casino – poured some coins into a slot machine and who knows how many turns she tried before that magical display of You’ve Won illuminates the screen? She hit the jackpot! It’s a dream come true! That is, until the casino hands your $2.25 instead…

Daily Mail

The GrioKatrina Bookman was playing at the Resorts World Casino when the machine started to jingle and blare the good tidings – she had won $42,949,672.76! She was so excited, she took a selfie (wouldn’t you?) of herself next to the machine display. Her ticket printed out and she must have skipping all the way to the payout counter…


When she delivered her ticket, the officials told her the machine was malfunctioning and that there was no way she was receiving $43 million. Instead, she was given two bucks and a voucher for dinner. How disappointed would you be?