Women Reveal 10 Things That Make Them Wet


How do you ensure that she has the best experience in the bedroom (or out of the bedroom) and that her body reaps the full benefits? Here, women share the real things that get them hot. You don’t have to try them all, just master one a day.

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15. Use Gentle Body Contact
Every now and then, a little rough stuff is OK, but for the most part, if you’re just getting things started, be gentle with her body — a woman is very sensitive to touch. When you move your hands slowly across her skin, the effects of oxytocin kicks in — a chemical that the body releases which causes feelings of comfort, relaxation, closeness, and love.

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14. Look Straight Into Her Eyes
Any sex therapist will tell you that the power of looking deep into your partner’s eyes allows for a certain amount of connection that verbal cues can’t match. When you do this, listen to her talk, and focus on her and the conversation. It doesn’t even matter what you two are talking about. The goal of this is to form a bond that you’ve never had with her before. You’ll be surprised how much she’ll open up and share with you if you do this right.