This Study Shows That Women With 4 Or More Tattoos Have Higher Self Esteem And A Better Love Life

Good news for all the tattooed babes out there!  A new study by Sociologist Jerome Koch of Texas Tech University revealed that women with multiple tattoos (at least 4) have higher self-esteem than women with fewer, or none.

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It goes beyond what we already know – that tattooed women are beautiful, bad-ass and bold!

For this study, nearly 2,400 female college students from six different universities were polled. The women were asked about the amount of tattoos they have, their levels of depression, self esteem and whether they ever thought about suicide.

The results showed that the more tattoos a woman had, the more self-esteem she reported. It also became apparent that women with tattoos also reported greater levels of depression due to a troubled past.  This suggests that women use tattoos as a coping mechanism, but it also showed something else…

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Some people argue that researchers confirmed what we already know. After all, a lot of people get tattoos to commemorate a breakup, death, medical illness or traumatic event. But how exactly does the tattooing process heal a broken heart?


Professor Koch who leads the study hypothesized that women are looking for ways to own their traumatic experiences, and that’s why they modify their bodies. The traumatic experience is no longer imposed on them, because tattooing themselves reclaims their bodies and sense of self from outside forces that once harmed them.

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