Have Y’all Heard Of This New Thick Female Rapper Tiffany Foxx? She Raps In Thongs Blowing Up And She Makes Cardi B Look Like An Innocent Choir Girl!

TIffany is signed by Lil’ Kim since 2012 to Internation Rockstar Records. The two have made two music videos together by the names of “Twisted” and “Jay-Z”.

Miley Cyrus seems to be a fan of Tiffany and Lil’ Kim’s as well having appeared in the “Twisted” music video! She has released 4 mixtapes since 2005.

Tiffany seems to have made a steady platform for herself since her first days of appearing on Snoop Dog’s compilation album, Welcome to Tha Chuuch: Da Album. She even was part of a rap group by the name of June 5.


With her regulary appearing on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta and signed with Lil’ Kim she seems to have found a steady footing in the music industry to grown from. It takes alot of patience and persistence to forge your way in the field so we have to hand it to her!