Y’all Remember Mimi, The Asian Chick With All The Fake Body Parts On Love & Hip Hop? She Just Got A “Classy” Make Over and Looks Great! (Pics)

IG: itslovelymimi

Remember Lovely Mimi – who seemed like she was just too much fun for VH1 to handle? She’s got a brand new look and it’s super classy!

Thing is, Mimi changes her look every few weeks or so… If you like the new look, don’t get too attached to it – it’s certain to change in the near future!

IG: itslovelymimi

Let’s look at some of her past variations to demonstrate this huge departure in her appearance! Click on through to see what she’s done with her look in the past and see if you like her new style better!

A bugs life 🐜

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What did you think of the long, long, LONG neon braids… or the pink on top of red… or wearing something so… “fitting” while out and about on the town with kids? Did you think this was fun, or, too much?