Have Y’all Seen Mariah Carey Lately? She’s Lost So Much Weight That She Actually Looks Like The Skinny 90s Mariah Again!

The Sun UK

Mariah is glowing more than ever! She was recently seen at the Golden Globes showing off her killer bod!


Mariah was dazzling in a black mermaid dress to present at the awards. She was also nominated for Best Original Song, “The Star.” With word that she has stopped her guzzling the spirits, she is looking more put together and professional these days…even though she DID steal that seat from Meryl Streep!


That’s right! The moment was likened to musical chairs as Mariah was kissing it up to Steven Spielberg only to have Meryl come up and say the seat was hers. Awkward! At least you did need to stand together as women which the night’s theme proved to be!

The #Timesup campaign is a monumental movement in our society today and the Golden Globes was a great platform for the stars to plant it further into our society’s conscious. It truly is a huge thing that’s happening right now concerning human rights and equality. It’s a call to step up our level of respect towards one another and it’s great to see Mariah on board!