Yeezy’s Gotta Big Heart! Rapper Kanye West Granted One Of His Terminally Ill Fan’s One Last Wish In Their Final Hours Alive


This world could use a little heart-warming right now and hearing about Kanye West taking time out to provide joy to a dying fan in their final hours just about makes your heart have hope again in humanity. Kanye West found out about a young fan who was battling cancer and how the family was trying hard to get in touch with him.

The pre-teen was a number one fan and when Kanye found out he was quick to connect. Kim was also quick to tweet about the girl and her family to her 60 million followers, ‘We are praying for her family.’


Kanye face-timed the girl and after they talked a while the girl asked Kanye to perform “I Love Kanye”, her favorite song. We can’t imagine how Kanye’s heart must have felt to perform it for the girl.


The young girl was overjoyed and died a short time later. We are sure her family are more than thankful to Kanye for fulfilling her dying wish.