Young Teacher Nearly Quits Because Of ‘Problem’ Student But When She Learns More She Adopts Him! (This Is Beautiful)

Facebook: Chelsea Haley

Chelsea Haley didn’t know that she would be meeting her future sons when she signed up for “Teach for America” in 2013.

“Teach for America” is a non-profit whose purpose is to “strengthen the movement for educational equity and excellence” within low-income schools. Chelsea signed up for a two-year agreement as a corps member to educate school children in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Chelsea is a driven, passionate individual who at the age of 24 met Jerome, 12, the most difficult student in the school. Jerome definitely challenged her as she revealed in an interview with CNN, “At certain points, his behavior got so bad, I thought, “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t be a teacher.”’

As we all know, when someone acts out it’s usually a sign that they have so much going on within themselves and back at home. This was the case for Jerome as his family lived in poverty.