Young Teacher Nearly Quits Because Of ‘Problem’ Student But When She Learns More She Adopts Him! (This Is Beautiful)

Outside of school time, Jerome and his baby brother, Jace, lived with their grandparents for the most part with their mother living with them some of the time. The family was troubled with their baby sister and another family member passing away.

The tension between Chelsea and Jerome began to melt away as Chelsea was able to find a healthy dynamic between the two with a balance of discipline and encouragement to do better.

The other teachers in the school gradually began sending Jerome to Chelsea as she was the only one could truly engage him. ‘I got a lot of thankful emails and knocks on my door.’ Chelsea said about that time.

Chelsea’s work with Jerome was so treasured that she was asked to stay on for an additional year as a special education teacher. According to CNN, the school principal asked Chelsea to “stick around for Jerome.”