This YouTube Model Explains Why She’s OK Her Best Friend Had Sex With Her Boyfriend On Camer


Anything goes these days and when it comes to sex, the perspective has expanded well beyond toys and copies of the kama sutra in plain sight. This story is about two friends who share everything together… emphasis on the EVERYTHING part.

Lena The Plug

Lena and her best friend, Emily, do everything together from shopping, vegging out, taking selfies together in their lingerie, and starring in their own YouTube videos on Lena’s station called “Lena the Plug.” The two shared a unique experience some time ago that changed the level of “intimacy” in their relationship.


The two friends had only known each other for one week when Emily received an invitation to the home of an unnamed Hollywood rapper. In an effort to get to know her new friend better, she asked Lena to tag along… Click ahead to see how quickly they became “serious” friends!