Zimbabwe Ex-President Mugabe’s Wife Just Filed For Divorce And She Is Coming For Half Of All The Money He Stole During His Presidency


There are several reports indicating Former First Lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, has filed for divorce from her 93 year old husband, the former President of Zimbabwe. A few smaller publications claim this is false news and the “sources” who spoke to the press are not telling the truth.

Global Take

It’s not a tremendous stretch to believe the former First Lady may be fatigued with her situation with Robert Mugabe. She was working as the secretary when he was elected to office and married to someone else at the time.


Insiders have revealed troubling stories about the state of this marriage. Click on through to learn what they had to say.

Los Angeles Times

Robert Mugabe’s first wife, who went by the name of “Sally,” died while he was still in office. Her married Grace shortly thereafter and they’ve been together for 21 years.