Zimbabwe Ex-President Mugabe’s Wife Just Filed For Divorce And She Is Coming For Half Of All The Money He Stole During His Presidency

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Herein lies some of what might be the disturbance, if the reports are true. It takes a certain level of self-worth and patience to marry a widower as the late spouse will always hold a place in your lives together.

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As people age, nostalgia can sometimes romantically sweep in as if to say the good ol’ days were so much better than these days… the days of falling apart at the seams, body functions slowing one by one. Can you imagine 21 years of competing with a woman who is just a memory?

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Some reports indicate the former President had publicly broken down and wept as he confessed to how deeply he missed his wife. Click on through to decide for yourself if this is where the rumors must have started…


Just last month, Mugabe was ousted as President and handed the power over to his Vice President. According to the press, the former First Lady of Zimbabwe was not happy about that.